Acaster Selby

Acaster Selby is a small township situated on the west bank of the River Ouse, to the south of Acaster Malbis and to the east of Appleton Roebuck. The settlement consists primarily of a series of farms ranged along the Ouse.

To the north of the main settlement lies the site of a medieval moated manor known as St Andrew’s College. It was founded as a grammar school in about 1470 by Robert Stillington, who was the Bishop of Bath and Wells, and although not well-endowed, it survived until the Reformation. Building remains survived until the mid-1800s, but today there are only earthworks.

The township was part of Stillingfleet parish until 1875, villagers having to cross the river by boat to attend services. The ‘Church in the Field’ – St John’s – was built in 1850 by the Milner family of Nun Appleton Hall.

Much of the land to the north of the settlement was taken over by the government in WWII to construct Acaster Airfield. The outline of the runways is still visible on aerial images. This was a dispersed site, so military buildings can be seen at various locations around the airfield.